Monday, January 25, 2016


One of my favorite co-workers at the company I just exited was kind enough to give me a 22-ounce bottle of beer as I crossed the threshold and left for a new career path. Knowing that I’m a lifelong and formerly long-suffering fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and knowing that we both had a high degree of loathing for the work environment in which we toiled, this person thought that the “ORANGE AND BLACK CONGRATS” ale from MOYLAN’S might serve as an excellent send-off, and I applaud the thought. Brewed since the Giants won the 2010 World Series (and now in continual production since they just keep winning ‘em), “Congrats” isn’t something I was planning on trying on my own, but I thought it might be halfway to OK.

It’s a “black ale with oranges”. You know, that had the potential to work, didn’t it? This does not. This citrusy ale is indeed dark, which is anomalous in an interesting way, and it initially has a little zest and grapefruit zing that got my through a few swallows. Then I realized it was so over-carbonated it was almost akin to a 7-Up. Nothing really came together, and after the first few, all subsequent gulps were laborious and not particularly pleasant. That’s not something you wanna have happen when you’re trying to off a 22-ouncer by yourself. Me, I gave up. Drain pour! A sad 4/10 for this one, which is still better than the last Moylan’s beer I reviewed here. What the hell happened to them?

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