Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hey folks, sorry about that - been a while since I rapped at ya. Happy New Year and all that. All sorts of interviews and other content in the works here at Beer Samizdat, so don't delete your bookmark just yet. 

Until then, let's do battle with something we drank back in 2015 - ALLAGASH's "Cuvee d'Industrial", which is an oak-barreled, wild ale blend of beer from 38 different barrels. I'll admit that I bought it 100% based on this review from Kaedrin Beer Blog. He gave it an A, then called it the 4th beer beer of 2015. People on Beer Advocate call it "World Class". Not one half bad for a brewer that I've mostly found to be a little lacking in the price-to-quality ratio for many years now (in other words, I really like their beer when it's on draft in a bar and I can sorta "afford" it, not so much when I'm putting out $12-$25 for a bottle and my expectations run a bit higher).

So "Cuvee d'Industrial" pretty much lands within my non-Kaedrin-stoked expectations right where expected. It's aged for 1-5 years, giving it a nice sweet, oaked taste (of course), along with some flavors of tropical fruit and a general earthy, funky sourness that is at times still overwhelmed by a lot of "barrel" in the mouth. Special enough to spend $19 on a stubby bottle? I don't believe that to be the case, but would still reckon it's about a 7/10.

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