Thursday, January 14, 2016


No really, I promise - it'll be brief. There's truly not much to say here. HALF ACRE BEER COMPANY are from Chicago. They'd have been completely unknown to me if not for having a hand in one of the greatest beers of all time, which would be their collaboration ale with Perennial about four years ago called "PLAN B", which was drawers-dropping amazing. I even ordered it a second time from some Midwest beer outlet, just so I could bathe in its majesty again. Now it's gone. I wish you and I could have some.

So on their own, they made up a can of something called "LEAD FEATHER". It's an "American black ale", which is to say - it's a black ale. Roasted. Malty. 6% alcohol. Supremely uneventful. You have a pint of this in a bar, and when they come by for a refill and say in a chirpy, sing-song voice, "Another Lead Feather for you...?", you say " think I'll try a _____". An Anchor Steam. A Full Sail Hefeweizen. A Samuel Adams. Something else. There you have it. My review. 6/10.

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