Tuesday, December 15, 2015


TAHOE MOUNTAIN BREWING didn't begin life the way brewers did back in the olden days of 2008. You know, brew a pale ale, a porter, an IPA and maybe a honey wheat; see if the kids dug it; and then and only then start kicking into the harder stuff. I can't actually say for sure the exact order of how they did things, because I wasn't there, but first time I became aware of them was not even a year ago, and they were already barrelin' and smokin' things like crazy. It appears that barreling, in fact, is what they do. Barrel things. Ferment them in oak, and some such. It's about time we tried another one of their creations.

"RECOLTE DU BOIS - APRICOT SAISON" is, that's right, an oak-fermented "apricot saison". Boy howdy, it sure is. In fact, there's a whole "Recolte Du Bois" series, and this is just one of the beers placed within it. Lots of brett infected into the mix, and yet at the same time it's not so overpowering to make this unapproachable by mortals. In fact, even the apricot itself is subtle - present, but subtle. The beer has a real chewy mouthfeel, which I can't say I was expecting, and is highly carbonated, which I kind of liked in this one. Not your typical "still" barrel-aged saison; there's a good deal going on but it's not like a riotous party in your mouth or anything. Best thing they've done since Viejo Rojo. 7.5/10.

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