Thursday, December 3, 2015


Last time I drank a beer from New Jersey was....was.....wait, I've never had a beer manufactured in the state of New Jersey? I searched my two historical beer blogs for evidence of Jersey beers and came up with nada. I know I've seen ads for something called "Flying Fish" in a few places, but until this DIPA love bomb from the previously-unheard-of-by-me CARTON BREWING, I probably couldn't name another brewer from the Garden State if you'd waterboarded me several times over. 

Now I've got one I'm a big fan of, and all it took was a pint-sized can of "077XX", their "east coast double IPA". It's great! It's everything I've been wanting in my next DIPA, and proves again that the genre is still capable of surprises. The surprise here is that it's a creamy, ultra-smooth beer, almost like something out of a cask instead of a can. "Great malt profile", as they say, and it's a real cloudy, hazy ale with that creamy taste and a butterscotch/hops mix of flavors. 7.8% ABV, and didn't set me back much at all in the sobriety department - so clearly, if I'd had another around the house, it'd have been gone in sixty seconds. Carton Brewing. The pride of Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Get some in your house at once. 9/10.

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