Thursday, December 17, 2015


All of a sudden you can't throw a can of silly string without hitting a second can of MODERN TIMES beer, who've infiltrated not only the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, from their home base of San Diego - but also Singapore -  a town in which I spent a little quality time a couple of months ago. Singapore doesn't have many American craft brands making the rounds, but of those that do, Modern Times was front and center at the establishments I checked out, like Tap Craft Beer Bar. I found myself seated next to three different ales of theirs lately, in three different locations - not counting "ONEIDA", which I yakked about here, and which is my favorite of theirs to date - and this is what I uncovered:

"AURORA" - This is the red rye IPA that you see pictured here. There is a lot going on here, and I like it very much. Grassy, with loads of rye. A little chalky, balanced nicely with loads of malt - which makes it this lovely red color. Quite light on the tongue, and it settles and warms nicely, making it even better after about 10-15 minutes post-fridge. Picture an IPA, imperial red and stand-alone rye pale ale meeting up in a tank somewhere, and that's Aurora. 8/10.

"FORTUNATE ISLANDS" - Says it's a "hoppy tropical wheat" right there on the can. Seriously, I don't need to say much more than that. It's what it is. Decent, but no big deal. 6.5/10.

"FORTUNATE ISLANDS GRAPEFRUIT ZEST" - This one I had on draft at the aforementioned bar in Singapore. Better than the normal Fortunate Islands, with grapefruit taste that's far less intense than, say, Grapefruit Sculpin. Like Aurora, it's a little chalky, and the "tropical" aspect to this is replaced by other flavors and some sweetness, but overall I enjoyed this one & would drink it again, especially if my work is kind enough to jet me out to Singapore a second time. 7/10.

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