Saturday, November 28, 2015


This is a big big bottle of big boy brettanomyces beer from Vermont. The folks who make is - why, they're called LOST NATION BREWING, and they hail from Morrisville, VT. They've staked their claim on "honest, small batch beer", and by all rights I think they can legitimately stick with that claim. I get the picture that bottles aren't really their stock in trade, and that you really need to head up to Morrisville to get the cut of their jib, which is why it was extra-nice this one, this "LAMOILLE BRETTA" showed up my mailbox courtesy of you-know-who

It's their normal saison, which they call Saison Lamoille, refermented with Brett. It debuted in my house with a massive head of foam that never actually settled down, possibly because it had been shipped across the country to make its way to my mouth. Nice light funk, very yellow in color and crisp on the swallow and really clean-tasting. It's herbal, a little spicy and with citrus/grapefruit lingering in the background. Wait, this is a "sour saison"? Sure enough, but one that doesn't cling to the tongue in the manner in which you're likely familiar. This is a football-game sour saison, a big fast-n-light quaff that even your knuckle-dragging yahoo pals might be able to handle. Accessible, not "barnyard". My Cantillon tour guide a couple months ago might've thrown up, this is so incredibly drinkable. I'll be wanting some more of these in the mail, please. 8/10.

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