Friday, October 9, 2015


Was talking to a young gentleman working at San Francisco's City Beer Store recently, and he threaded into our conversation the deeply-held opinion that Ardmore, Pennsylvania's TIRED HANDS BREWING was "the best brewer on the planet". I appreciated the enthusiasm, and found no evidence with which to argue, having loved the only beer I'd ever had of theirs back in 2013. In California, where I live, we don't get Tired Hands to drink unless someone FedEx-es a bottle our way; which, happily, Mark Ciocco of Kaedrin Beer Blog recently did for me.

It's called "BACK INTO THE EMPTINESS", and it's one of dozens upon dozens of small-batch bottles these guys make. A wine-barrel-aged sour saison, stuffed to bursting with local grapes grown in nearby Lancaster, PA. I totally dug it. It tastes of the the aging process, of sediment and time. Some serious fermentation action going on here - really musty, with flavor that cling for dear life to the tongue. Grapes, sure - apricot too - and an oaked, mellow tartness that made it pretty easy to drink, and to consider whilst drinking. And look at what happened to the head mere seconds after I took the photo. Truly "farmhouse" in a manner that many others are not, and another no-doubt ringer from Tired Hands. 8/10.

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Martin Alvarez said...

Big TH fans here. Bummer their brews are so hard to get!