Friday, October 2, 2015


About time we started talking about some 'Merican bottles on this site again, right folks? All this Belgium & Germany chatter had my traffic numbers sliding back to the single digits again. 

This brewer's been off to such a roaring start with their "BARREL-AGED SMOKED MAIBOCK" and "VIEJO ROJO" bottles that I'm now just throwing cash at whatever bottle I see of theirs sitting on the shelf. Such was the case with this "rustic multigrain saison" called "PROVISIONS" that I found recently, and which one our compatriots also just reviewed here. I've been feeling like the saison/farmhouse style allows for such wide variation that it's really a bit of a crapshoot to see who can pull it off, and whose experimentation is going to lead to liquid nirvana & whose isn't.

TAHOE MOUNTAIN BREWING start their saison very strong and grainy right out of the gate. It is none too subtle - whoa there, gang. Yeasty, lemony, and even a bit soapy. The aftertaste is like having a big chaw of wheat stuck way up in your gums where you can't reach it. I get the rustic, I certainly get the multigrain, but I'm not sure this one quite delivered the way their other beers have to date. Certainly a step down from "Viejo Rojo", but that's like another world is terms of style and flavor profile anyway. For now we'll tick this one off at a middlin' 6.5/10.

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