Tuesday, October 27, 2015


No introduction needed to the brewer, if you've followed along in the past. They're located just far enough away from my house (90 minutes) to make it hard to act immediately when they announce, say, that bottles of "West Ashley" or something are available in the pub for the next several hours. That said, I was fortunate enough to have been bequeathed a bottle of "FARMHOUSE NOIR", one of SANTE ADAIRIUS' many small-batch/big-bottle creations. You grab it when you see it, and you ask questions later.

This is a jarring, acidic, sour dark farmhouse ale. The folks behind this one definitely steeped themselves in the lactobacillis-drenched Cantillon school of thought as they were putting it together, then went and fermented the beer in oak to really gum things up. 

It's not a crisp beer, and it's certainly not reminiscent of a saison, and that's just fine. Really more of a salty, oaky, acidic beer that takes some getting used to, with a little bit of roasted flavor on the finish, as well as a lot of dryness. Perhaps a foray into the unknown that only partially came together, but in hindsight (I mean now that the thing's just been consumed) I think I can lay down a 7/10 on it.

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