Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hey folks, sorry it’s been so long since I rapped at ya. I’ve been a little busy and all, quitting some of my projects and starting some others. Oh, don’t worry, beer is still being consumed. Why, this week in fact I’m finding myself in Singapore of all places. Good thing Beer Advocate did an article about craft beer in this town recently, which, knowing that I’d be taking the 15+ hour flight over there from San Francisco, I tore from its pages and kept in safe keeping until it was time to embark. They told me that a place I need to check out was called TAP CRAFT BEER BAR, and so I did just that this evening, whereupon I found a draft pint of ANDERSON VALLEY BREWING CO.'s "FALL HORNIN'" pumpkin seasonal.

Seems like I missed out on the great "pumpkin beer debates" of the last few years, because every article that mentions said style talks about how some beer drinkers don't like 'em, and how the style is controversial or something. Me? I like 'em - at least when they're good. It's not like I deliberately seek out vast quantities of them during October or anything. It's another gimmicky seasonal that sometimes pays off and mostly doesn't. Turns out Anderson Valley's thing is just fine. Sweet and malty without being cloying in any way. You've got pumpkin/nutmeg extract or something providing the flavor while the base, which is probably some medium-bodied version of their brown ale or stout, does the heavy lifting. Very pleasant combo of maltiness and sweetness. If you had company over and a 6-pack of this thing, you'd satisfy both the beer hounds and the unschooled in one sitting. If it's good enough for the people of Singapore to suck down instead of a Tiger Beer, then it's probably good enough for you and me. 7/10.

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