Friday, September 11, 2015


First time I've popped the top on a non-collaboration, fully-owned & solely-brewed HILL FARMSTEAD beer, and I have Mark from Kaedrin Beer Blog to thank for it. As detailed in the interview he did w/ us, he makes these epic beer runs to Vermont every so often - which happens to more or less be the only place to buy Hill Farmstead product - and he's kind (or smart) enough to bring back a few extra bottles for his far-flung pals. I was a beneficiary of his benevolence this time, and I'm much the better for it. I've been waiting to drink their beer for some time. Just look at all the love it gets from, say, these people.

"FLORENCE" is one of the many females who have beer named after them from this consensus world-class brewer. She comes with "farmhouse yeast and water from our well", which proves these fellas know how to tell a hell of a story, at least. Wellwater beer! Great to know this tart wheat/saison ale can back up any & all hyperbole. It's a 5% alcohol, very light yellow ale with some real heavy carbonation. Fizzy, lip-popping action from sip #1. It's really citrusy, with lots of nectarine and some lactic sourness. Hazy and dry, nice and soft on the tongue. Truly a lie-in-your-hammock farmhouse kind of ale, delivered in a big bottle for a nice mid-afternoon zonk-out. I'm glad I had one, and I'd like to see if I might have another somewhere down life's highway. 8/10.

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