Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Just yesterday I was thumbing through the most recent Craft Beer & Brewing mag, and they were talking about a fella from HIGHLAND PARK BREWERY in LA, and how he picks up grass & pine cones & other things that grow in yards in Los Angeles on his stroll to work everyday, and then throws 'em into this one particular beer he brews. Foraged beer, they call it. Is this what's made these folks one of California's next hyped-up brewers? I got a nice earful at City Beer Store in San Francisco about the awesomeness of Highland Park Brewery from one of the staff there, and hey, after downing a bottle of "SLOW MOVES", an oak barrel-aged saison - I'm definitely listening.

You can print nice DIY labels with "limited batch" all over them, as these folks did, but unless you're storing some first-class nectar in those bottles, the public at large will only be fooled once. Sounds like Highland Park's got a lot more where this came from, and I can assure you I'll be investigating. "SLOW MOVES" pours a lovely yellow, and brings the oak full-stop from the first sip. It's a thick-bodied, yeasty ale that's got some strong white grape action. In fact, I almost get some white wine/riesling overtones here, perhaps because the lingering presence of the barrel is so strong. It's 8.4% alcohol, and packs a lot of earthiness and punch into a small package. Hoping their distribution up north continues, and I'd absolutely recommend putting HPB on your radar for the next few months. 7.5/10.

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