Tuesday, September 8, 2015


It's been a while since we checked in with THE BRUERY, hasn't it? You too? After drinking these two fetching ales from their new "TERREUX" series, I'm at a loss as to why. Perhaps it took a sub-brand with some colorful new labels to awaken my dormant love for (most of) this brewer's product. It seems that I've also been a bit burned by some of their more avant experiments, which has made it difficult to pop $13-$17 on an unknown bottle of theirs as well, but after these two, I'm glad I made the call. (and thanks to HF, who brought over one of these so we could share it on a hot hot hot Labor Day afternoon).

The deal with the spin-off "Terreux" series is that it gives brewmaster Patrick Rue and The Bruery team a place for their wild, "earthy" ales, without confusing it with all those pumpkin peach ales or whatever they're doing with the normal brand. I'd had my eye on "BERET", which adds pureed raspberries to a funky saison/wheat-like wild ale concoction, for a while - and man, was it fantastic. Equal parts sour and sweet, wild and tame, excellent and awesome. Raspberries are not hidden in the mix, and lend this otherwise tart ale a huge dose of flavor. It's about 9% in alcohol by volume, but you can drink this thing with ease all the live-long day. Loved it. 9/10.

The other "Terreux" is an old favorite that's been shuffled back under this new brand - "SAISON RUE"! I first reviewed this back in 2009, and it blew me away. There is no reason at all to let up on the excitement here. It's a world-beating saison, pretty much the one that put The Bruery on the map back then, and one that also inspires comparisons to the Belgian greats. I'll say no more - you know what a bell-ringing saison should taste like, and how transformative it is when you taste one. I hadn't had this thing in a long time, and shame on me for that. Also an enthusiastic and fanatical 9/10.

So which one of the "Terreux" series should I have next? Please let me and anyone who pops by this blog know your experiences with 'em in the comments.

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