Monday, August 17, 2015


The quality breweries and beer establishments are opening up so fast all around me, lord, I can't keep up. The other day I checked a fantastic San Francisco beer bar called THE BEER HALL off my "unconquered" list, and whilst imbibing there, I noticed they had a whopping four beers from CLEOPHUS QUEALY BREWING CO. on their draft list. Come again now? Who do you have four beers on draft from now? Oh, right, Cleophus Quealy Brewing. I understand. The ones making small-batch beer in their tasting room & brewery in San Leandro, right next door to Oakland. That Cleophus Quealy Brewing.

Let it be said that this photo here came not from my own camera (phone), but from an image I grabbed from the web. Inviting looking, isn't it? Well, you oughta try their beers. I was very impressed with the two I gave the Beer Samizdat once-over to: a "GRAPEFRUIT GOLDEN", which they call Batch 38 and describe as "Golden ale finished with grapefruit and citra hops"; and a "RYE", their Batch 41, which CQ says is "crisp pale ale pronounced by rye spiciness, complemented by piney dry hop aroma and followed by moderatee earthy bitterness". Who am I to argue? 

I know I gave them a 7/10 and an 8/10 respectively while shuckin' and jivin' and making mirth with a beer-swilling compatriot - and therefore was not otherwise taking tasting notes. I hatched a plan that night to tell you how good these CLEOPHUS QUEALY beers were on the blog, however, so that's why we're here today. Please make a note of it, and look out for more frothing and raving on this blog about these folks as soon as I can find more of their delicious ales.

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Derrick Peterman said...

Have been wanting to check this place out for a couple months now. I'll have to get there sometime this fall.