Monday, August 31, 2015


I remember feeling like I'd taking a great leap forward into a non-reusable, inane skill the first time I successfully "named a hop" that I'd been presently consuming. This was back in the days when it seemed like all American Double IPAs were focused on, like, three hops: Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook. Those were the big three, and you didn't need to get your BJCP diploma to finger them once you'd quaffed enough big IPAs and paid some close attention to their labels. For a short period, I knew my Chinooks from my Cascades. Whee!

Anyway, I've forgotten all that now as my mouth eventually turned to hop-scorched mush, and I honestly don't care in any case. Lucky for us, the "single hop" showcase beers arrived a few years ago, so if the brewer's doing a good job bringing that hop's "essence" forward, you too can pretend to understand and appreciate the vagaries of said hop, and then pontificate to all your ABV-soaked pals accordingly. Or learn about how great some brewers can be in making kick-ass big IPAs with only a lone hop at their disposal - like VAULT BREWING, the pride of Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Their "MOSAIC IMPERIAL IPA" is a spicy and yet creamy double IPA in a cool-looking can. Medium bodied and utterly devoid of anything you'd call "citrusy", at least not for me, it's a for-real, killer, no-doubts "east coast IPA" in the yet-to-be-defined-and-codified East Coast IPA style. Really delicious and unique. That could be the hop, Mosaic, and if so, it's a hop I want to know better. It could be the "floral nose" and that creamy character I liked so much. Or it could be the Vault are modern brewing alchemists who simply made something fantastic and canned it up for you and me. However it hangs, I'm sticking an 8/10 on this thing.

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Bryan Kolesar said...

well, lookee what you found! Nice review and a reminder that I need to get back and revisit these guys. Haven't done so since last summer!