Friday, August 28, 2015


I was in San Diego a few weeks back but never got the gumption to steal my in-laws' car and head off to a real first-rate bottle shop, like I wanted to. I was stuck with the (admittedly still decent) selection at a liquor store in La Jolla, and did the usual Beer Samizdat fumble-finger, indecisive, put-everything-in-the-basket-then-put-it-all-back thing that I do when I don't know anything about the beers. Shots in the dark seem to work out about half the time, so why not an "American Ale" brewed by San Diego's own ROUGH DRAFT BREWING that doesn't really have much of a "tell" on the bottle outside of its 9.5% alcohol content?

Well, so much for that. I'd reckon they'd call this "FREUDIAN SIP" a "strong ale" in other parts, and it pours a dark glowing brown with lots of sediment. Calling this yeast-filled ale a "Belgian brown" wouldn't be too far off the mark either, but I think calling in an American Ale takes some cajones, at least. It really looks nice, if that were worth something. Taste is malty and a little bit caramel-ish, but I'm finding yeast in all corners of my mouth. Wish it all plopped together a little better than this, but it was really nothing remarkable in the least. Should've bought the Chelada instead, local-style. 6/10.

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