Monday, August 3, 2015


Massive shot in the dark on this one, just because that's often so fun. City Beer Store in San Francisco had a few bottles, and if they're going to take a flyer on something, it's quite often the top-shelf stuff. Anyway, there's been considerable brewing hoo-hah going on in Florida, and more specifically in Tampa/St. Pete, now for over half a decade, starting with Cigar City and branching out from there.  An oaked dark saison from Florida with a funny Belgian name? Hey, what if it's good? 

Turns out it is in fact pretty good. A musty, "Franco-Belgian" style ale conditioned with Brett. It gives it a light souring, and the whole oaked nature of the thing rings true, with the barrel shining through loud-n-proud. I taste raisins and wheat, like that brand of cereal whose name I keep forgetting. Maybe grapes and fig, too. Isn't that what you'd taste in a beer that looked like this? Of course you would. 6.3% alcohol, perfectly approachable in the smaller-bottle size, a real nice Tuesday nighter with the wife and kids. Good on ya, Green Bench. 7.5/10.

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