Tuesday, July 7, 2015


California’s Great Central Valley has a heat strong enough to dry a man into parchment. If you extend the definition of “Central Valley” northward a bit, all the way up to Chico, you could reckon that one of the first US craft brewers – Sierra Nevada – came from there. That pale ale of theirs and many others has slaked many a great thirst; more recently, I’ve enjoyed ales from DUST BOWL BREWING and a small handful of others from the valley. Now here’s this “Wildcat” red IPA from Madera, CA’s RILEY’S BREWING CO. Never heard of ‘em – which is just the impetus I need to buy a bottle of their beer when I saw it at Sandy’s Liquors in San Luis Obispo, CA (which is most decidedly not in the Central Valley). Will I get lucky, or will I be cursing my lost sawbucks? Let’s find out.

This thing’s “double dry hopped”, and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. It pours a very luscious reddish/orange, and lookey there – lacing on the glass! Ooooh. It smells kinda sweet, and it tastes a little of tangerine and/or orange, with some toasty breadiness. A fruity, “wet” sort of IPA that’s really not especially hopped-up nor boozy (7.1%, if you’re wondering). It is truly a beer tailor-made for a 105-degree day spent chilling in their air-conditioned brewpub, waiting it to be 8pm so you can step outside again. 

Thankfully, it’s also quite tasty and something I’d be ready to grab again if given the opportunity in my ongoing search for the newest-latest. 7.5/10.

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