Monday, July 20, 2015


I'm about a year late with this news, but apparently two Mays ago (May 2014 for those of still puzzling on that), our Santa Barbara brewing heroes TELEGRAPH BREWING collaborated with a local band called Buellton and put out a combination Belgian saison/album, all in one package. Guess which part I was interested in. I found myself driving through Santa Barbara a few weeks ago on the way back from LA, and naturally stopped by the Telegraph taproom to see what sort of bottle offerings I could scare up that I couldn't get back in the SF Bay Area. This is what I found, and "download code" aside, it's fantastic stuff.

Right, I haven't downloaded the Buellton album yet. There's a code right on the side of the bottle. I'll get to that reaaaal soon. (I'm a bit of a musical aesthete/jerk). No idea what it sounds like, but, going on nothing but their name and my understanding of the Santa Barbara music scene I'm going to guess they're somewhere between "Wilco" and "the String Cheese Incident". They've certainly lent their name to a great beer, but it's Telegraph - of course it is. "This saison hits all the right notes". It's bright and bold, with loads of lemon and yeast. Total flavor punch with no acidic throat torture, and yes, a little earthy but much more on the full-on yeast side of the vaunted saison spectrum. I guess it held up well over a full year. If I were Buellton I'd be more than proud to associate my name with this thing. 8/10.

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