Thursday, April 17, 2014


There were only two breweries that my pal The Beer Rover was truly emphatic about when I said I wanted to drink some San Diego brewers I hadn't ingested before (he worships at the hoppy feet of Alpine - we all do - and amazingly, they're actually starting to distribute in NoCal...!!). One was SOCIETE BREWING, whom we wrote about here. The other was MOTHER EARTH BREW CO. out of Vista, CA - not to be confused with Mother Earth Brewing from North Carolina. I did myself a solid - keep reading - and bought not one but two of their IPAs at the Whole Foods in La Jolla, which has a massive and hardcore-local beer selection the equal or better of some beer-only stores. I was so hopped up about the transaction that I immediately took one back to my in-laws' place and started drinkin'. That beer, my friends, was Mother Earth's "PRIMORDIAL".

What a classic, juicy, orange west coast imperial IPA. Outstanding stuff. Lovely fresh citrus hops, strong on the uptake and going down, and very foamy with a big 'ol head. I didn't want it to stop, so I slowly sipped it through a DVD showing of "American Hustle". To me, this is the sort of imperial/double IPA I'd expect from a top-tier brewer in San Diego, and it's exactly what I got. Definitely pining for these guys to break out of SoCal like their forebears at Alpine have and get some of this product up north. 9/10.


Nat said...

Good stuff, and thanks for the shout outs. Curious about the "other" IPA, Kismet? Hop Digity? Auld Knucker? or the new Boo Koo IPA? That La Jolla Whole Foods is excellent, and it has a great tap room.

Jay Hinman said...

Hey Nat, I think it's Kismet. It's chilling at home, perhaps to be unveiled this weekend. Thanks for all the great tips.

Steve said...

I've been impressed with Mother Earth since I finally pulled the trigger to stop by their brewery about 2 years ago. Glad I did. Their Kismet IPA (nelson hopped mostly, or only maybe) is the one I know is most people's favorite down here. If you're in North County SD at some point stop by their newer taproom in downtown Vista. Good clean beers.