Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Shame on me - I thought this thing was named after San Francisco's 24th Street in Noe Valley/The Mission, mere minutes from my house, and bought it under that assumption - local nanobrewer I'd never heard of, returning some love to the community. Nah, STRAND BREWING is from Torrance, out by the Los Angeles airport. They must have a 24th Street out there or somethin'. Well, I like me a good pale ale and supporting a tiny brewer I've never heard of. What if this one were solid gold???

"24th Street Pale Ale" is a darker pale - which is to say not pale at all, more orange/brown. It's unfiltered, and is quite grainy with a not-small heaping of roof-tingling hops. Very floral is its smell and taste, if you know what I mean. Yeah, I was a believer in these Torrance studs from the first sip - this is a really solidly-constructed bitter treat that I'd recommend to any true lover of the grain and the hop. 8/10.

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Nat said...

These guys are good. Here is an article on them from LA Times from July 2012. Don't seen enough Strand beers.