Friday, March 7, 2014


It's probably not even worth mentioning how many breweries and craft beer bars are opening in my San Francisco Bay Area any more, because it's happening in your town too. A lot. A lot of them are opening. My best bar-hopping days have passed, so I've given up hope of trying all of them before some of 'em inevitably knuckle under and go out of business. That's why I'm always excited when a new brewer commits to bottling or canning their wares early in their lifetime, because I have to go grocery shopping, and when I'm feeling uppity and shopping for staples at Whole Foods, that often means a trip to their mega-beer aisle. That's where I discovered HEADLANDS BREWING.

Now I told you a little about this beer in my "comeback" post, but let's just say it bears repeating: "HILL 88" is a wonderful double IPA, and you'd do well to trade me something rare and wild for it. (Or track it down yourself). They come in cans of four, and while I haven't had the other Headlands beers yet, I've got a mind to head over to Whole Foods right now and grab them. Patrick Horn is one of the folks behind this, and he helped put together Pacific Brewing Laboratories. It seems like just yesterday that that nanobrewer were the newest kids on the proverbial beer corner. They're ancient old figurative farts by this point - albeit without Patrick Horn in tow, either.

Anyway, "HILL 88" is a beautiful malty, big-tasting Double IPA without too much bite. That malt backbone is "stable", as they say, and brings forth much pleasure in the form of caramel, honey and very bitter hops. Yes, it's super hoppy, which lends this thing a gargantuan ultra-aromatic fresh smell. Sound good? Oh yass. 9.5/10.

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