Friday, March 21, 2014


One thing you're going to be reading about on this blog a bunch in 2014 is Norwegian beer. That's because of the fact that I work for a Norwegian company, who've asked me to travel there six times per year; and moreover, because me and the family will be moving to Oslo for three months, May-August 2014. We're fairly "psyched beyond belief" about it, as you might imagine, and I'm of course exceptionally pleased that I'll be going to a place in which I can drink ("drikke") some exceptionally fine beer ("øl"). In fact, I'm in Oslo this very moment. I thought I might share a little bit about my favorite brewer and favorite place to drink my øl here in Oslo. 

So if you've read either of my two beer blogs before, or even if you know anything about craft beer from Norway, you know about HAANDBRYGGERIET. After NOGNE Ø, they're probably the best-known Norwegian brewer whose wares are exported into the US. I interviewed their head brewer Jens Maudal here last year. Anyway, I'm a big fan, as I am of a beer-centric restaurant in Central Oslo called HÅNDVERKERSTUENE. I wrote about that place last year as well. I'm going to go there again tonight.

So this past Wednesday evening I thought it best to pair my two faves with a big pipin'-hot bowl of fisk suppe (fish soup). No surprise, the Haandbryggeriet beers were flat-out stunning, especially in a dark-wood atmosphere with amazing service and an obvious reverence for beer. One Haandbryggeriet I'd never had before, the other (surprise) impressed me much more on draft, half an hour from the source, then it did from a bottle in America. Here's what I enjoyed:

HAANDBRYGGERIET: "HAANDBAKK": I was initially a bit reluctant to start the minor festivities with a sour, but wow, "Haandbakk" is an absolutely lovely dark sour ale. It tastes of sour fruit, like apricots or plums. That's it pictured over there. It's faintly sweet - like a minor kiss of it just to edge out some of the larger pucker. I'm gonna buy a bottle of it back in the States. 9/10.

HAANDBRYGGERIET: "HESJEØL": These guys are just amazing beer alchemists. They're turned an "English farmhouse ale" into a sweet, "fresh hop" masterpiece that's nearly better than everything I've had this year. I liked it before, but this is a different story. It has a big head of foam and a ridiculous amount of lacing, and tastes to me more like a fruity saison than anything else. Totally, totally stellar. 9.5/10.


Ryan Mould said...

The beers sound great, and I am quite envious of the stay you're having in Norway. One of the top places I'd like to visit, for sure.

Jay Hinman said...

Thanks, Ryan. It's a great country, full of extremely friendly people and a surprisingly strong culture of good food & drink. Craft beer is huge here, not quite at US levels yet, but rising fast.