Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I just got back from a week spent on a beercation work trip in Barcelona, Spain. As is so often the case with these work excursions, I'll spend a good portion of my free time swilling the local beer, and hunting mightily for new craft beer spots at which to ply my rough trade. Last time I came out to Barcelona, I spent a few nights at La Cerveteca, and wrote up my "homage to Catalonia" here. This time I not only hit up Cerveteca (twice) but ventured out into the city's dark night to try two other craft beer hotspots as well. We'll talk about those in upcoming posts, but in the meantime, can I tell you about the best beer I've had in 2014 so far? It's a mind-melter.

"NEITHER" is an imperial IPA that's a full-on collaboration between Florida's CIGAR CITY, Vermont's GRASSROOTS BREWING and the heretofore-unknown-by-me SIREN CRAFT BREW. It's so goddamn amazing that the sun shines down upon it even when it's 9 at night, as you can see in this light-streaked photo of the second glass I had of it at Barcelona's BIERCAB. I even came back the next night with a friend in tow, just so we could have more of this beer - and it was gone. A kicked keg!

"Neither" is a totally perfect marriage of citrus and hops. The beer is light in body and in color, but has a flavor of honey and grapefruit that collides in ways one just doesn't often get anymore in IPAs, imperial or no. Most of 'em are so samey that when one comes along like this and knocks your block off, it's worth shouting from the rafters. ¡Viva la Revolución¡Viva Neither! 

Oh, and if you believe this photo here that I swiped off of RateBeer, the thing exists in bottles as well. Anyone know how I can score one?? 10/10!

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