Thursday, September 5, 2013


I'd like to say I knew what I was getting into when I bought this excellent barleywine-like ale on my recent trip to Bend, Oregon – but nah, I totally thought I was buying a rye IPA. Bought it in an absolute frenzy – nay, an orgy – of beer-buying activity up there. Only a glimpse at the bottle of "RYE'M OR TREASON" once I was back in California showed me that it was not, in fact, an india pale ale of any sort whatsoever. What is it, then? Let's find out.

Right, I already told you. It's a lovely, malty barleywine from Oregon. It's made with three varieties of rye, and it's part of their "small tank project", which may make it something of a wale. Wait – it does have some hops; a big 55 IBUs! So that's what that bitterness was. Yeah, but it's offset really well with a lot of sweetness, and just a faint pinch of spicing, like nutmeg or something like it. It's a little bit nutty, and its 6 months of barrel-aging shows too, just not too much. File under "experimental", and ain't we all the better for it. 8/10.

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