Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Most beer blogging dorks like me don't spend a lot of time writing about porters, pale ales, ambers and stouts. Hell, I barely spend any time drinking those styles. It's all about imperial-whatsis, hopped-up double XX india pale ales, barrel-aged Belgians, intensely funky sours and barnyard saisons, and all that. Sometimes, though, you've got a brother-in-law in town, and sometimes that brother-in-law just wants to drink a beer with you. Maybe he doesn't quite share your enthusiasm for the nether reaches of the craft beer universe, but he'd like you to bring him a new beer from your neck of the woods that he can't get at home, maybe, and it just needs to be something he might dig. For times like these, there's SPEAKEASY's "PAYBACK PORTER".

Maybe it's my fault that I give such short shrift to ales like these. "Payback Porter" is quite delicious, actually - or so I learned a couple weeks ago. Everything about it hangs together really well. It's roasty, a little smoked-tasting even, and if you guessed that it might have some characteristics of cocoa and coffee in its taste, well you'd be right, pardner! Nice fresh head of foam that sticks around a few minutes and gets all up there in your 'stache, if you have one, which I don't. A little ashen at times, but made up for with a great malty, smokey feel and smell that really made this kind of a surprise. What did my macro-lager-conditioned brother-in-law think of it? Too intense, and not for him. Have at it, beer dorks. 7.5/10.

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