Friday, August 30, 2013


One month ago I was in this space shuckin' and jivin' and getting all uppity about a 10/10 beer I'd just had from Swedish gypsy brewer OMNIPOLLO. I was beside myself with glee over their "Leon". Remember that? Well, I busted open a second beer from them last night, and the "results" couldn't have been more different. No, this bottle of "AGAMEMNON" is unfortunately one to warn you away from, not one to try and draw you toward.

The beer is a 12.5% alcohol imperial stout, brewed with maple syrup. Instantly the sort of thing that turns heads and zooms up the ratings boards. In fact, it's pulling a 99 over at RateBeer right now. I'd be highly skeptical if I were you. There may be 68 ratings over there, but there's only one Beer Samizdat, and I didn't like it, not one bit. It's sweet and very strong, with faint cocoa and roasted malt and not an insignificant amount of alcohol burn. No head, and totally black as night. Does NOT come together well at all. Me, I think I know the components of a great imperial stout, and this one was barely drinkable – or, should I say, it was drinkable but not enjoyable in the least. Didn't like; didn't finish. 4/10.

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