Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Some beers, you don't know what they are until you try 'em. I'm not so certain I still know what this one is, and I'm the one who drank it. It's called "DOUBLE RAINBOW", and it comes from the mythical land known as the Pacific Northwest - Ellensburg, Washington to be precise. Who knows, maybe it's not mythical at all. There is this beer, after all. IRON HORSE BREWERY is who makes it, you see. Let's see if we can reckon and do battle with it.

Iron Horse's "Double Rainbow" exists at a crossroad between imperial red IPA, English bitter ale and a Belgian dubbel. I know, right? It's hoppy, but not in a big way. It's malty, and a little sweet - and it looks like a yeasty dubbel sitting there in the glass, daring you to figure out what it is. It has a simple sort of malty, biscuity ordinariness to it that I attribute to the English, but if you look at their website, they'll tell ya that it's a big red IPA, more or less and give or take. It weighs in at about 7% alcohol, and I can't say I was displeased with it at any time during the hour in which its 22 ounces went coursing into my blood. That said, if I ever encountered it again, I'd probably keep looking to see if there was a better beer sitting behind it. 6.5/10.

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