Thursday, August 29, 2013


There aren't many perks in the beer blogging world, but in exceptionally rare instances someone might offer to send you a beer for review. Of course, in these situations, you always say yes. I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened since I started writing about beer in 2006, but not too long ago the good people at HANGER 24 BREWING in Redlands, CA expanded their distribution to include my "territory" of Northern California, and asked me if I might want to try some of their offerings. I said I did.

It has taken me a while to both drink the ones they sent, and to write about them here. I'll admit that I was nonplussed by a couple I thought I'd really enjoy, like the DOUBLE IPA, which I found to be chalky and severely unexceptional. But there were some ringers in the box for sure. No big barrel-aged limited wale-like items, I'm afraid – just standard lineup all the way. I really enjoyed the canned ORANGE WHEAT. And I really, really enjoyed the 22-ounce bottle of COLUMBUS IPA. This is a terrific showcase for the Columbus hop. It's a 77 IBU india pale ale, clocking in at 7% alcohol. Hops are sticky and resinous. The beer pours a dark copper, as you can see here, and has both a spicy aroma and flavor, as well as strong malt "profile", as they say. Really well done, and a testament to Hanger 24's chops. 7.5/10.

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Derrick Peterman said...

To each his own, I actually like the Hanger 24 Double IPA. I liked the Orange Wheat too/ I guess I'm a bigger fan of Hanger 24 than you since I found pretty much everything they've done good to great.