Friday, July 19, 2013


As recently remarked, I was up Seattle way a couple of months ago, and did my darndest to try and grab a modern glimpse into the city's current beer culture. In order to do so, it was important that I filled many corners of my suitcase with ales from "the jet city". Two bottles that came with me back down the coast were from EPIC ALES, who've actually been producing beer since 2009 and could hardly be categorized as a newbie. Just new to me. Their packaging looks like a mash-up of Rene Descartes' handwritten notes and HL Mencken's draft column, all drawings, scribbles and 1928-style typewriter on faded-yellow parchment. I simply had to bring a couple to California and see how they tasted. Let's see:

EPIC ALES - "SOLAR TRANS-AMPLIFIER": It's a tart witbier, brewed with chamomile and which I very much enjoyed. It's exceedingly fresh, with a big sour/tart burst of flavor and loads of yeast. It had a crazy foamy head as well, as you can see from the photo. This was from "Batch 4" and was 6% alcohol. Excellent stuff, and as they say, "I'd drink it again". 7.5/10.

EPIC ALES - "GASTROPOD #2": Named in honor of their adjacent brewpub and restaurant that had just opened before we were there, "Gastropod" is a soapy, sour wild ale that tasted a bit like a funked-up saison. It's made with nettles, if you can believe it, and is only a 4.2% alcohol ale. It's unusual, let's just say that. Perched somewhere between refreshing and annoying – I wasn't sure which. 6/10.

They also make a beet ale called "BEET DOWN", which is something I definitely need to try. It was said on RateBeer that it was "possibly the only beer I'd put on a salad". (!). Contact me directly if you've got a bottle you'd like to wing my way in exchange for something from NoCal.

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