Monday, July 8, 2013


The IRA - "India Red Ale" - it's the newest latest. Malt it up, hop it up, caramel the hell out of the thing, throw the word "India" in there (exotic!) - and you've got an IRA. I've seen it twice now, so it's a trend. The one you see pictured here is from DOUBLE MOUNTAIN BREWERY. They're from Hood River, Oregon - the state that unsuccessfully tried to force "Cascadian Dark Ale", or whatever they called it, down our collective throat. I'll reject that and accept this one if they promise to bury that Cascadian thing for good.

This was enjoyed on draft in Seattle, at a restaurant downtown called Lola. L-o-l-a Lola. It's a sweet, mild amber ale with hoppiness almost tossed in as an afterthought - but it's not like the ambers of 1990s yore either. It drank smooth, as they say, and it was more wet and luscious than, say, Boont Amber, and a "tad" more hoppy to boot. I had a chance to drink a Belgian IPA/pale ale from Sound Brewery at the same restaurant, but that was before I had this and confirmed them as one of my fave new brewers. So maybe I'd have rather had that, all things considered, but this one was just fine, and I do believe I'd have it again. 7/10.

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