Tuesday, July 9, 2013


STILLWATER ARTISANAL ALES are known as something as a saison powerhouse, both within my house and in the craft beer world at large. LOWER DENS are an Mazzy Star-ish indie rock band from Brooklyn, whom I've heard one song from to my knowledge and that I kinda liked. Unless I'm confusing them with someone else, as I'm wont to do. What do the beermaker and the band have in common? Nothin'! Well, nothing except this beer, which is apparently made in collaboration with the band, and is designed to be an extension of one of their songs, which you can link to from a QR code on the bottle (I forgot to do that before I recycled the thing). That way, the story goes, you'll be able to experience the complete Lower Dens/Stillwater package - "sound, sight, smell, touch and taste". Radical!

All I had was the beer, and like virtually everything else by Stillwater, it was quite good, if perhaps a minor tick down from their normal super-high quality level. "Sensory Series #1 – Lower Dens" was more bitter and stingy that most saisons, and not dry in the least. It's brewed with hibiscus, and it's about 6% in alcohol. Wet and wetter, and tastes of peach and a nice grassy lawn. The kind of lawn you want to drink, right? Very unlikely to be available in a second run, so if you see it, I say grab it and give it a go. 7/10.

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