Friday, July 26, 2013


The first time I ever tried Dogfish Head's "120-Minute IPA" around 2008 or so, after reading years of over-excited reviews about it (OMG u guys it's so hoppy it will dent the roof of ur mouth and yr tongue will fly off), I finished it went, hunh. Really? That's supposed to be an enjoyable beer-drinking experience? If I wanted a harsh, heavy, difficult-to-swallow dose of alcohol I certainly wouldn't be drinking beer, I'd be a spirits guy – and I'm decidedly NOT a spirits guy.

So it is with this Italian "Double Double IPA" I tried the other day from REVELATION CAT. It's called "HOP ANIMAL". Grrrr!!! It's 13% alcohol, and there's no hiding it. It's a boozy, boozy, hoppy ale. Here's what they say: "A huge 13% IIPA. A Hop Animal produced with every hop infusion you could have imagined: Hopmash, First wort hopping, hopburst, continuous hopping, hopback, dry hopping, dry hopping, dry hopping, dry hopping, and more." Wait, so you're telling me it's dry hopped? It comes into the mouth and turns thick and gooey, and there's really not a whole lot that's pleasant about it. In fact, it's a chore, and only the extreme hophead who seeks danger and fire is going to be impressed with this one. Those of us who want a good beer with dinner on a Wednesday night remain unimpressed. 5/10.

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