Monday, July 22, 2013


When a man like Derrick Peterman calls a brand-new beer his "Beer of the Month", and writes about it with gusto, you'd better believe that I've got my wallet out and the car started before I've even finished his final paragraph. So it was with SANTA CLARA VALLEY BREWING's "Electric Tower IPA", brewed mere minutes from where I work every day. This fella Steve Donohue, who started Santa Clara Valley Brewing with Tom Clark, used to make beer at Sunnyvale's Firehouse Brewing. I was too chagrined by the barmaids' kilts-&-cleavage get-ups at that brewer to take his beer there very seriously, so it's nice to see he's started a more "grown-up" outfit, focused on the liquids and not the libidos. Focused on the hops, to be more precise, in this case.

"ELECTRIC TOWER IPA" is named after a famous South Bay electric tower that I unfortunately don't remember from my San Jose childhood; its death may predate my arrival in that burg in 1978. The beer? It's good! Piney hops, firm malts, and dry as the San Jose day is long. It really does have a classic pine tried hop cone flavor, so it's right in the IPA dork's wheelhouse. It reminds of a slightly more intense version of Sierra Nevada's "Torpedo". Would I drink it again? Would I!! 7.5/10.

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