Saturday, June 15, 2013


This beer you see here is provocatively called "BALLZ DEEP", and it comes to us from Gig Harbor, Washington's 7 SEAS BREWING. It was procured on my recent trip to Seattle, during which I lolled my tongue out of my head for half the trip thinking of all the beer from brand new breweries I was going to stuff in my suitcase for the flight home. As it turns out, saner heads prevailed, and only three such beers found themselves wedged between gym clothes, boots and unread books. One was "Ballz Deep". Why? I know not. An IPA from an unheard-of brewer that might end up being the best thing I'd ever had, perhaps? So let's see - are these guys "ballers" or not? Read on and you shall see.

I like the maritime theme, and for most of the time, I liked this beer as well. Oh, excuse me - it's a Double IPA, no single here. It's a creamy-looking orange color, and it drinks wet, as well - creamy and with dry, stinging hop backbite. Did ya notice it's in a can?? Wow!!! Most of the hops stay on the side of the tongue, and it's not something that can be slammed down quickly. A "conversation IPA", if you will. I've had a lot of IPAs to compare this to of late, and while it holds its own, I'm going to rate it a respectable but not world-beating 6.5/10.

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