Friday, June 7, 2013


Belgian. IPA. Perhaps the two greatest words in the beer vocabulary. Now let's add in PRAIRIE ARTISAN ALES, the newfangled, much-hyped gypsy brewer from Krebs, Oklahoma whose "PRAIRIE ALE" I reviewed here and loved.  I don't appear to be alone in digging what these guys are putting out, here in their first year of existence: to wit, here's what folks on Rate Beer think about the beer we're about to discuss. Now here's what they think on Beer Advocate. This is par for the course for these guys – I think we've got a new brewing heavyweight in our midst, and it tastes so good, doesn't it?

"PRAIRIE HOP", which I enjoyed two nights ago, isn't purported to be a Belgian IPA per se. It's just a really, really hoppy saison, which is of course a primo Belgian beer style. So call it what you want to call it – I call it amazing. It was pretty much perfect out of the gate. Hoppy and yeasty, with a pillowy fluffiness and strong carbonation. Dry and grassy, with a delicious tongue-coating yeastiness, and a really perfect hop backbite. Tastes like something that's been expertly bottle conditioned. So excited to have these new fellas around; it's like that year THE BRUERY showed up and everyone went bonkers. Prairie are proving themselves to totally be in that league. 9.5/10.

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Aaron Goldfarb said...

I am actually originally from Oklahoma--and KNOW THE BREWMASTER/OWNER--yet haven't been able to land any bottles. Quit making me jealous!