Monday, June 17, 2013


Yesterday I was fêted by my son and wife for being the world's greatest father, which I pretty much am. I got taken up to Healdsburg, CA for the day, where I visited BEAR REPUBLIC BREWING with the family – on that, we shall hear more another time – and a new restaurant/foodie store/bar called SHED. Shed had some serious heavyweights on draft, including fetching ales from Almanac Beer Co and I forget who else. Good ones. Ones you'd like to drink. Me? Well, since my 9-year-old was buying, I had him grab me a "BUZZERKELEY" from relatively new Walnut Creek, CA brewer CALICRAFT BREWING. Good boy.

You remember CALICRAFT, right? We were just saying nice things about them this past November while enjoying their "Oaktown Brown". It's not just that one that's excellent, I found out. So's "BUZZERKELEY". This is a fruity, honey-kissed Belgian golden ale. It pours a murky yellow/orange color with no head, and it has a dry, yeasty and somewhat spicy taste. Hard not to imagine just about everyone getting down with this one – newbies, old hands and jaded beer dorks like me. I've seen descriptions of it that liken it to wine or champagne, but to me it's a beer through and through, and a fantastic one at that. Another 8/10 for these guys, and I'm a believer and ready to be a full-on hometowner for Calicraft from now on.

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