Thursday, May 30, 2013


Who doesn't like a firefighter? Remember the one-night stand that a drunken Mickey Rourke had in "The Wrestler"? She just loved firefighters. Firefighters actually have their own patron saint, who protects them from harm during times of crisis when heroism is needed. He's called St. Florian, and his Cross is a frequent symbol you'll see in fire departments around the world. I'm not sure the blessed saint did his duties knowing that a brewery would eventually be named in his honor, but it was, and it is. They're called ST. FLORIAN'S BREWERY, and they're just up the way from me in San Francisco, located in the small Marin County town of Windsor, CA.

I missed any hoopla about their recent opening, and was surprised to find a bottle of "ST. FLORIAN'S IPA" on the shelves of a local Whole Foods recently. Drink local!!! That's what I always say, right? In this case, it's advice well-worth taking, even if you're not an SF Bay Area local. This is a bright, malty, copper-colored IPA, with bitter graininess and a happiness that takes a backseat to the malts. Not a lot of smell, but then these English-style IPAs tend to be a bit more subdued and fruity vs. the more aggressive, face-punch IPAs traditionally from our neck of the woods. And it's still a meaty 7.3% alcohol, so a full 22-ounce bottle will definitely satisfy ya in that department. On the whole, a most impressive debut. 7/10.


Anonymous said...

Windsor is in Sonoma County.

Jay Hinman said...

Right, that it is. Thanks for the correction.