Thursday, May 2, 2013


I'm always looking for the one, the one true beer that'll blow me from here to kingdom come and transport me to a new astral plane. Might it be DIEU DU CIEL's witbier "BLANCHE DU PARADIS"? I'm afraid it is not. Dieu Du Ciel, the Quebec-based brewer who stand out for only making their ales in 12-ounce bottles and for having some of the best label art in the business, also stand out most of the time by making fantastic Belgian-style ales. This time they've made a wheat ale/witbier that drops a bit below their own high standards.

I found it to be totally unremarkable,  a yellow-colored wheat ale made to look prettier than it is by my Instagram photo here. Mildly Belgian, with defined yeast and mild spices, as well as a bready/malty feel to it, but without a lot of razzle-dazzle and almost no "bite" at all. They couldn't even get a foamy head going on this one to help it show a little life. Dead as a doornail!  Very inoffensive and a quick drinker, yet pretty bland across the board. 6/10.

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