Friday, May 24, 2013


One of the beer bloggers out there in the beer blogosphere, I forget which of you it was, said this beer was a damn good Double IPA. In fact his review was so positive that I got all hopped up and ornery, and wanted to know why it was that Poulsbo, Washington's SOUND BREWERY's beers weren't down here in California. We're only, like, two states away. But I heard that these days you can order all kinds of who-knows-what on the internet, and you know what I did? I ordered a bottle of Sound Brewery's "HUMULO NIMBUS" on the internet.

It arrived, I cracked it open, and man am I glad I did so in a hurry. What if this Double IPA – gasp – expired on me? This one sure didn't. "Humulo Nimbus" is crisp, dry and malty, with a strong hop kick that'll send you from Poulsbo to Walla Walla and back through Cle Elum and right down on your ass into the Puyallup County Fairgrounds. Yeah, that strong. It's neither piney nor citrusy – isn't that something? I think that's what happens when you find the right sort of Simcoe/Cascade/Citra hop mix that brightens everything and nothing at the same time. I totally melted into this DIPA and would recommend it in a Puget Sound second. 8/10.


Taylormadefitness said...

Next time you're in Capitola CA, check out Discretion Brewery.
They have at least 6 beers on tap. The rye IPA is amazing.
Who knew Capitola would have 2 great places to drink beer?
Sante Adairious celebrates their 1st anniversary today. Cheers.

Nat said...

"It's neither piney nor citrusy – isn't that something?" There is a double IPA here in San Diego, Mother Earth's Hopdigity, which has neither and its been confusing me, because it isn't earthy either. Really good beer though. You've freed me to write a review.