Monday, May 20, 2013


The "831" nom de plume in question is Santa Cruz County's area code, and given that SANTE ADAIRIUS RUSTIC ALES are living and brewing in SC County (Capitola, CA to be exact), they're just funnin' ya a bit and paying some tribute with this piney IPA. I got to take down the glass you see pictured here a couple of weekends ago. No, it's not available outside of the brewery, and yes, I know that it makes my blog post/review appealing to only a small subset of individuals who can drive themselves or be driven to Capitola. I believe, however, that Sante Adairius are so good at what they do that this beer – and many of the other knockouts they brew – will have much better distribution and a higher profile in the months to come. So let's both get on the bandwagon early, shall we?

"831" IPA has loads of bite from its piney pinecone hops – Simcoe? Resiny and piney all the way, with a lot of lingering of the side of the tongue. Lots of the fabled "lacing on the glass", too – ahhh! 7.2% alcohol. Its dryness and lack of malt body perhaps knocks it down a slight peg, but man, this is still really good. There's a ton of competition on this front, and this doesn't immediately leap to the head of the pack, but that doesn't mean you're not going to want some once this starts hitting the bottling line and the tap handles. So keep it in mind, OK? 7/10.

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