Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Haven't had much to say about offerings from NEBRASKA BREWING in a while. That's primarily because I need to travel or trade for them, which I have in fact done on occasion. They burst out of the prairie a couple of years ago and impressed the hell out of a few beer bloggin' blowhards (like me), and now if I can get their stuff, I try to do just that. Thanks to Mark at Kaedrin Beer Blog for slinging me a big bottle from them – the oak-aged Belgian Blonde "MELANGE A TROIS". It's something you probably want to share or drink part of, which is the route I took last week, whilst watching Washington DC farces "Veep" and "House of Cards" on the televizzle.

This may be aged in chardonnay barrels, but it moves past a "wine" taste pretty quickly and is closer to spirits in its thick mouthfeel and big, badass alcohol taste. I'd call it Kentucky moonshine beer from Bruges. "MELANGE A TROIS" is a complex, bottle-conditioned ale that is truly oaky and Belgian and full of woodiness. Predominantly, it tastes of the grape and of grain, and it sits pretty well in the belly as long as you take your time with it. It's absolutely a "craft" ale in every sense of the word. 7.5/10.

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