Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I believe I told you earlier about my serendipitous beer trade with Knut Albert Solem, the Norwegian beer blogger whom I met up with in my Oslo hotel lobby with a bag 'o beers, as he did likewise. I was most excited by this bottle of "SLÅTTEØL" he gave me to take home, mostly because of the Norwegian farmer on the bottle of this saison and the complete lack of English anywhere on the bottle. I mean, you can’t get much more local than this one, and that’s what you aim for in a beer trade – grabbing items you’d never see otherwise in your country or state of origin. Thanks, Knut, for the KINN BRYGGERI "SLÅTTEØL". Now, on to the beer in question.

Thankfully, even though it appears that others don’t quite agree, this is an excellent darker (orange/brown) saison, brewed with loads of grainy wheat just like that in the farmer’s teeth. Refreshing and with a lot of clean zest – not so much in the way of funk, but just enough to mark the style. Fruity, with tastes of peach and, as I said, lots of wheat. A pleasure across the board, and yet another indicator that excellent progress is being made all over Norway in the ongoing struggle against crap beer. 8/10.

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