Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The San Francisco Giants, my hometown team and a focus of my obsessions for over 35 years, are just about perfect these days in all aspects of the game – and the business of the game. The product on the field is excellent, of course, having won the 2010 and 2012 World Series, but their marketing, their stadium, their sense of the club's history, their player retention and so on is the best it's ever been since I started paying attention in 1976. This mentality flows all the way down into the cup of beer you consume at the game. Sure, San Francisco's foodie/upscale/artisanal attitude permeates everything in town these days, even beers at the ballgame, but I ain't complaining. We've got a craft beer bar located in the stadium called THE PUBLIC HOUSE. I went there last night. I drank there. This is the story of those two beers.

Actually, I first slaked my arrival thirst with a beer I saw at the Oakland A's stadium a couple of weeks ago – GOOSE ISLAND's "HONKER'S ALE". Now that they're a part of Budweiser or InBev or whatever it's called these days, you're gonna be able to find their stuff on draft in many places Bud is sold. It's an English bitter; an amber-colored nonentity that barely registers a jot or a titter in either direction. It is a beer. It is drinkable. I have eaten my food and I have quaffed my beer. Now it is gone and I need another.

The real fun started at Public House, where I skedaddled after Tim Lincecum gave up four runs in the first three innings. Whilst at the bar, I met the fella behind the beer blog BREWPUBLIC – he too was in need of craft refreshment, and we struck up a kinship of like minds. I can't remember what he was going for, but me, I tried out this NEW BELGIUM/BREWERY VIVANT collaboration simply called "Biere De Garde". Dry, spicy, fruity and a little dank. It's the best 9% ABV beer I've ever had at the 'ol ballgame. I awarded it a mighty 8/10. As the Giants continued to piss the game away, I returned to the Public House, and closed out the festivities with a BALLAST POINT "SEXTANT", a stout which supposedly was served on "nitro" but which tasted like a chalky, coffee-choked, off-putting oatmeal stout to me. I didn't like it, and wanted to return it to sender. Then the game ended, I scored my final beer a piddling 5.5/10, the Giants lost, and I went home… find ultimate redemption in the San Jose Sharks' overtime Game 4 victory over Vancouver. Sports! Beer! Whatta life!

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