Thursday, April 18, 2013


OK, so now I've had two practice beers from Norway this week. I'm pretty sure I'm ready for the 15-hour flight to Scandinavia now, as well as having been steeled for whatever liquid adventures might await me in Oslo next week. If you missed my earlier installment, I'm getting sent out there for work; last time I was in Scandinavia, it was Sweden/Denmark in 2001, and I was unable to find any examples of outstanding indigenous brew. I suspect things may be different this time.

Anyway, what you see pictured here is from ÆGIR BRYGGERI, and it's called "JULEBRYGG". I nailed it as a "winter warmer" from the get-go, and I wasn't wrong. It's an "ale brewed with spices", they say, and those spices and flavors includes cinnamon and berries, as well as a pretty strong graininess. It's sweet and malty, and not too heavy, just your basic European Christmas beer at the end of the day. Very good, but decidedly in the second tier as these things go. I'll let ya know what I find over there sometime next week or thereabouts. 7/10.

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