Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm getting the opportunity to head to Oslo, Norway next week for work. Whilst there, it is indeed possible that I may consume some Norwegian craft beer. To prepare myself for this possibility, I decided that I'd better get some practice beers in me - to acclimate the palate, as it were. Three of the big names in "good Norwegian beer" are fairly well-distributed in the US, at least if you know where to look: NOGNE Ø; HAANDBRYGGERIET and ÆGIR. I've started my exploration on a couple of these, as I'm a huge fan of the first 2 names there and wanting to discover the third. Let's start with the one I had yesterday evening, NOGNE Ø's "TWO CAPTAINS" - a double IPA that they made in partnership with an Oslo-area home brewer (!).

The good people at Nogne Ø were kind enough to bring this gentleman's winning formula to life, but I'll admit that something may have been lost in its journey to San Francisco. It is clean, creamy and thick, with a "gentle" mouthfeel – and yet totally out of whack, with a harsh hop profile that is pretty deadly. Not in that tongue-scorching, how-tough-are-you sort of Double IPA one-upmanship, but in a "not quite sure how to calm this thing down so you'll enjoy it" sort of Double IPA mediocrity. There's loads of leftover sediment in the bottle – that's OK, I'm a big boy – but something's just not adding up with this one. I'll probably need to drink a lot more Norwegian beer before my trip to get a more well-rounded picture, don't you think? 6/10.

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Henrik said...

In Oslo you must visit "Olympen", simply the best place for beer in town and has a nice "old scandinavia" feel to it.