Monday, April 29, 2013


Getting tired of my blathering on about the beer I drank in Norway last week? I hear ya. I try to make Beer Samizdat a running capture of the beer I'm drinking, with the hopes that the ales I try and recommend - and the places in which I drink them - will serve as something akin to a consumer guide and/or a travel planner for the few readers that I have. If you're still here, I haven't alienated you too badly, I guess. Anyway, the 3 previous posts about some beers I tried in Norway were all single-night focused; I spent a fourth evening there as well, in the company of some good people from work. They too were beer hounds, and took it upon themselves to take me around the city, so I have a few notes from that evening and from the rest of my trip:

1.) Right before I left, I made the online acquaintance of Knut Albert, an Oslo-based beer blogger who puts together Knut Albert's Beer Blog. He not only made the recommendation to me of Handverkerstuene, which I wrote about last week, but also had the bright idea of my trading him a handful of California beers from some Norwegian ones. I like the way Knut thinks! We met up in my hotel lobby, and he blew me away with multiple treats from Norway (and one from Italy) that I can't get in the US. A huge thanks to him for that; they all made it over just fine in my suitcase, and look for reviews here on Beer Samizdat in the months to come.

2.) Knut had also recommended the SCHOUSKJELLEREN MIKROBRYGGERI, as did my co-workers. The latter brought me there for one quick drink; I chose one of their house beers, the UDODELIGE URSULA, a spiced saison which was superb and which I quickly threw an 8/10 rating at. Alas, I didn't take any notes because I was too busy yakking, but just jot down the name of that beer - it's easy to spell, right? - in case you're heading to Oslo anytime soon.

3.) At the steakhouse we dined at that evening, I had a bottle from a Danish gypsy brewer called COISBO BEER that they dubbed "Brooklyn Fall", a smoked, malty brown ale that was a nice combo of sweet and smoky. Perhaps a little more sweet than it should have been, but rock-solid otherwise. 7.5/10.

4.) Finally, we took a short walk from this area to a packed hipster beer bar called CROWBAR where much mirth was made, and much beer consumed. I kept it to a minimum, compared with some of my compadres, but found the time to try a house scotch ale called "Strange Brew" (an amber-colored "old peculiar" that was sweet and drinkable but not that Scottish peat moss taste I was hoping for), and an IPA from a Swedish (!) brewer called DUGGES called "Bollox!", which I didn't take any notes on but found to be quite good. At least that's what I'm sayin' now. Long and short of it is that this place had a phenomenal draft selection, but I was at the end of my rope beer-wise and not at the top of my game. Next time!

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Nils said...

Hey Jay, we didn't have THAT many beers @crowbar :-) Or, well we did... Best regards from your friends in Oslo