Thursday, April 11, 2013


What would you say if I informed you that I got to drink the first-ever French/American craft beer collaboration in the history of craft beer?? Are you, like, totally dying right now with jealousy? You had better be, because I traded for this thing, and packing boxes with peanuts and newspaper and bubble wrap had better have some payoff at the end, am I right? Oh, and this is a nice penance from Philadelphia's DOCK STREET BREWING, who totally underwhelmed me with their "ABT 8" last month but have delivered in spades with this one, "LA BIERE DES AMIS", brewed with their beermakin' pals at Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbecq, France.

"La Biere Des Amis" is a terrific "light" saison. Dry and grassy, with a ton of alliterative farmhouse funk in the finish. I found it to be very classic in its construction, which, since at least 50% of it comes from farmhouse country, is to be expected. The commercial description of this beer is as such:

Dock Street and Brasserie Thiriez team up to develop a special, limited edition Saison. Brewers Scott Morrison and Daniel Thiriez brewed the beer at Dock Street at the end of June- marking it the first brewing collaboration between a US and French brewery in America. Daniel Thiriez, owner and brewer at Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbec, France, is known in the industry for his Saison and Biere de Garde styles. Dock Street Brewer Scott Morrison, also known for his own Saison style, worked with Daniel to combine their signature approaches to develop La Biere des Amis – ‘the beer of friends.’ Sharing a similar brewing philosophy, Thiriez and Morrison created a beer that equally defines their personalities. “Daniel makes some of my favorite beer in the world, and I always thought it’d be awesome to do a collaboration. Dock Street was very open to the idea and Daniel was excited to brew here. It all just fell into place,” said Scott Morrison. La Biere des Amis is a full flavored beer that is made with German pilsner and wheat malts. It exhibits a clean, hop character and refined bitterness from Mt. Hood and Nugget hops.

Aw, I like that. The best of friends. America and France, friends again after all that Freedom Fries hoo-ha. 7.5/10.

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