Wednesday, April 10, 2013


You may already know about BIRRA DEL BORGO. They're on the vanguard of Italian brewing, and their ales are frequently written up in celebrations of same. If you look for them hard enough, you can find a big chunk of their lineup in the United States - though you might want to keep a tight grip on your wallet, as they're among the most expensive beers currently being sold. I've had two from 'Borgo that I've really enjoyed - EXTRA RE ALE and GENZIANA. Those were both so good that they've earned the right to part me with my money, even when I'm stumbled upon a beer of their for the first time. Like, say, this "DUCHESSIC ALE" I picked up the other afternoon.

It looked promising, and for the most part it delivered - though I was very sidetracked by the fact that this thing was a massive gusher that seriously wasted half my beer. See the picture here? That's freshly poured. Ever seen a grown man cry? Well, let's just say I'm glad you weren't there. "Duchessic" is a blend of their "Duchessa" beer - a saison - and a lambic. Now that's a little cockamanie, isn't it? No matter - it's good, with a nice, thick mouthfeel that really brings out qualities of both style. I taste grape and a slight tartness. Lactic and buttery, with some elements of wine, even, like a funky reisling, perhaps. I don't quite put it in a class with the other smokers I've had from them, but I'm happy to bestow a 7/10 upon it, and recommend that you see what you think.

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